Queens County Republican Patriots


The mission of the Republican Patriots is to rebuild the foundations of a victorious Republican Party in Queens, NY by organizing and filling County Committee seats in all Elections Districts in each of our Assembly Districts.


We the Republican Patriots of Queens In consideration of the current distressing circumstances unfolding across America hereby stand firmly resolved in favor the following resolutions:

Whereas, the events of the recent months including the pandemic and lockdown, mass riots, destruction and burning of property, anarchy and the defund and abolish the police movement in cities across our nation, have reawakened the great American sleeping giant and patriotic fervor and love of country.

Whereas, America was born of an ageless idea on July 4th, 1776 when 56 patriots staked their lives by signing their names to the Declaration of Independence severing their ties to the King of Great Britain and establishing a nation dedicated to defending the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

We resolve to create a new Republican Party in Queens: by ousting the self-serving and corrupt Queens County Republican party leadership, that has failed to grow the party, advance Republican principles, and elect Republicans to local offices.

We resolve to break the one-party monopoly over New York City by building our ranks to create a strong and diverse Republican Party organization in Queens.

We resolve to overcome racial injustices to build a constitutional republic that offers freedom and opportunity for all its people.

We resolve to gather Republicans who cherish quality education, hard work, in pursuit of the American Dream, and who share in our values of God, Family and Country.

We resolve to support our local police in their efforts to maintain law and order.

We resolve to support improvements in job training and education that will empower individuals to achieve their greatest potential.

We resolve to remain true to our mission.