Queens County Republican Patriots

With Literacy and Justice for All

By Rich Stevens

As Republicans we need to advocate for literacy. We need to shift the Democrat narrative from racism to the Republican narrative for literacy.  English language illiteracy creates several societal ills. For example, illiteracy contributes to drug addiction, incarceration, poverty and unemployment. Up to sixty percent of those incarcerated cannot read and write.

According to Literacy New York, “approximately 3.9 million New York State residents are either functionally illiterate — reading below the 5th grade level — lack a High School Diploma or cannot speak English… BUT fewer than 10% are receiving help for their literacy needs.” The most alarming statistic is that 85 percent of juvenile offenders have reading problems.

To the radical left, these words of one nation, under God, and one language are devise and racist. Can we note the irony here? But let’s be honest, why would the left want people to read their atrocious policies that advocate for sanctuary cities, open borders, communism, and the redistribution of wealth? If we filter out this “noise,” we realize that the left does not want their voters, ideally non-US citizens, to read and have basic literacy. In fact it would be better for the left to not have high literacy rates because these marginalized groups very easily kowtow to their

Hollywood celebrities and political elites in Washington. Why read, when you can vote just like your favorite celebrity in

Hollywood, on television, or another form of streaming video? The fact remains that the left does not want its constituents to read their policy, but rather form a group consensus around anything that does not fit their political narrative.

In all honesty, English speakers have much more freedom, and liberty in their social, religious, employment, medical and daily activities. Early European immigrants to New York eventually shifted their language from Dutch, German, and Italian to English. As a result they were able to integrate into the melting pot of America, retain their customs, foods, and learn about other cultures and foods as well. Immigrants from Korea, China, and Central America must now do the same.

An English literacy test is still required for citizenship. In 1906, Thordore Roosevelt signed into law the Naturalization

Act; it said “no alien shall hereafter be naturalized or admitted as a citizen of the United States who can not speak the English language.” As conservatives, we must continue our efforts to maintain the English language as our national standard.

The Barbara Bush Foundation states that “we know that when we empower adults with literacy skills, it benefits everyone.” According to the Organization for Economic and Cooperative Development, there is a $240 B potential boost in our economy if literacy skills increase by one percent. Low levels of literacy costs the US up to 2.2 trillion per year.