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Republican Mayoral Nominee, Curtis Sliwa Calls For Election Integrity Reform

Monday, July 5, 2021 
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Republican Mayoral Nominee, Curtis Sliwa Calls For Election Integrity Reform

Local Republicans Demand NYS Division of Election Law Enforcement Investigations 

Press Conference: July 6th at 11:30 AM
IFO Queens County Board of Elections
118-35 Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills, NY 11375


Queens, N.Y. — Local Republican candidates and community leaders are calling for the New York City Board of Elections to be investigated, professionalized, freed of nepotism and conflicts of interest immediately.  A joint press conference and informational briefing specific to Election Integrity Reform of the New York City Board of Elections will take place on July 6th at 11:30 AM EST, at the Queens County Board of Elections, located at 118-35 Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills, NY 11375; in front of the entrance on Queens Blvd.
Republican nominee for Mayor, Curtis Sliwa will also join forces to call for Election Integrity Reform – The Gold Standard, which includes the NYS Board of Elections having election night results published on election night, and certified results in the following days, not weeks; outline much needed reforms to NYS Election Law and administrative changes to the NYC Board of Elections necessary to restore integrity and fairness to the election process. 

 Curtis Sliwa with Republican candidates for public and party offices at Queens Boro Hall 

NYC Board of Elections officials in collusion with the local political party leaders, have weaponized the election process in clear conflicts of interest to keep themselves in power perpetually, and keep those they dislike out. Due in part to the corruption of the agency, over 30 candidates seeking public office or party positions in Queens, as well as Sara Tirschwell, who ran for NYC Mayor, all on the Republican line, were thrown off the primary ballot. 
Sara Tirschwell is calling for an immediate end to the “inside game.” She said, “the lack of participation in local elections demonstrates that voters in NYC are sadly resigned to a system they cannot break into.  It is the hyper-regulated “Democratic” cities like New York that have political machines designed to serve insiders and limit the freedom of voters to select candidates.” 
Queens BOE’s gross incompetence in managing our city’s free and fair election process disenfranchised many candidates. Multiple court cases then ensued. They will share first hand testimony of due process violations, human rights violations, civil rights violations, outdated election equipment, conflicts of interest, nepotism and retaliation happening at the Queens BOE. 
Agency heads protected the status quo of incumbent and party bosses, party-approved candidates, allowing incompetence to set in and major errors to occur in the lead up to the June 2021 Primary elections and after. The recent illegal vote counts adding 135,000 “test ballots” to the preliminary tally in the NYC Mayoral Primary, is the latest of many debacles at the local level. 
Election integrity  is not a Democrat or Republican issue, but an American issue. In America, which recently has been plagued with nationwide voting fraud and irregularities, we must let the voters choose who will represent them, not the political bosses and party machines in collusion with city government bureaucrats. For decades the Queens BOE has been rife with problems, nepotism and political patronage. We will introduce crucial immediate measures of administrative and NYS Election Law reform, which will be positive steps to build election integrity and restore trust in our system of elections.  
Tuesday’s press conference is organized by the Queens County Republican Patriots, a New York State registered multi-candidate committee.