Queens County Republican Patriots

Queens GOP Fights For Control


Queens GOP Fights For Control

By Margaret Wagner, Queens County Republican Patriots

Let me first start off by saying thank you to everyone that supported the Queens County Republican Patriots Candidates; Steven Sirgiovanni, Margaret A. Wagner & Phil McManus, we couldn’t have made a difference in our hometown elections if it weren’t for each and every one of you!

You answered our calls to collect signatures, knock on doors, call friends & neighbors, put out a lawn sign, parade with Curtis Sliwa, walk the beach with Steve Sirgiovanni, made donations, and most of all supported us every step of the way with words of encouragement!

It is unprincipled that the Queens GOP fought 31 Republican Patriots in Queens to keep us from getting on the ballot, yet did not take one democrat to court to challenge their petitions. With all their efforts of challenging people in their own party, which cost us approximately $50,000, we are extremely proud that we were able to fight back to keep our candidate Steven Sirgionvanni on the ballot. Although with all of the court battles, Steve was never truly able to invest 110% of his time, and money into his campaign.

What we can be proud of is that we created a Republican Primary in the 32nd Council District for the NYC City Council race. We are told it might be the first time there was a Republican Primary for the City Council race in our District. We believe republicans deserve choices, there should be more than one Republican candidate running for office in our district. With your help and support we will build the party, fight the corruption, and run more Republican candidates for office in Queens.

We faced many challenges from the Queens GOP and the Queens Board of Elections. We were on the ballot, off the ballot, on the ballot, and then off the ballot just five days before primary day. Our supporters did not give up on us many of you filled in the bubble next to our names. It’s very unfortunate that the NYC Board of Elections never told the poll workers in our district that a vote for Margaret Wagner or Phil McManus would not count, even though our names were on the ballot.

The deputy clerk at the BOE decided not to tell the poll workers that we were not official candidates. It’s remarkable to me that the deputy clerks at the Queens Board of Elections would have not provided this information to their poll workers in our district. It’s not the poll workers’ fault, they thought if the candidate’s name is on the ballot then a vote for that candidate would count.

The Board of Elections needs to be held accountable for their inaction in informing the poll workers about the correction on the ballot, they need to be held to a higher standard.

As we continue to build the Republican Party in Queens, we will continue to fight for election integrity. If you would like to join us or make a donation to the Queens County Republican Patriots please contact me at margaretwagner.re@gmail.com or 347 236-2018.