Queens County Republican Patriots

Let your voice be HEARD!

By David Solano  

Whether you are Pro Life or Pro Choice, we need to keep our NYS Government in check with the way they spend OUR money.

If the cry is My Body, My Choice, then I will add… YOUR WALLET! Not to deny anyone their legal right to choose to have a baby or kill it, we won’t argue here. It has been great to hear how people want responsibility for their decisions then let it be TOTALLY their responsibility and not put the cost on others for their desires.

Our democratic leaders in Albany, want to suck $85M of our money to pay for “Reproductive Freedom and Equity”. Really?? Like you can’t get an abortion in New York? “Come on man!”

I urge you to let your NYS Senators and Assembly representatives know your feeling about the proposed spending. Call or write them so they know. We need to stop wasting our tax dollars and YOU have a voice. You only must exercise your freedom of speech with your elected officials. See the article: https://thetablet.org/new-york-democrats-propose85m-in-abortion-funding/

DAVID L. SOLANO, Queens Patriots!