Queens County Republican Patriots

Court Victory Helps ‘Republican Patriots’ And Curtis Sliwa Redesign Party

Court Victory Helps ‘Republican Patriots’ And Curtis Sliwa Redesign Party

By Shabsie Saphirstein, as published in May 20, 2021 edition of Queens Jewish Link


Editors Note: We are re-releasing this article on the Republican Patriots press conference at Queens Boro Hall, to appropriately acknowledge that it was published in the Queens Jewish Link, and written by Shabsie Saphirstein.

Republican Patriots Victory Cheer

In the hours before Shavuos this past Sunday afternoon, May 16, Republican Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa joined a contingent of the Queens County Republican Patriots at Queens Borough Hall in Kew Gardens to announce their 4-0 win in the Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division: Second Judicial Department. The Queens County Republican Patriots is a New York State-registered multi-candidate committee dedicated to building a strong grassroots Republican Party organization for the 130,000 Queens Republicans.

The stunning win and a decision of the New York State Court of Appeals to not hear the case now allows 18 Republican candidates to appear on the primary ballot for the upcoming June 22 Primary election. In essence, this decision creates a Republican Primary in areas where a race had not been expected. Previously, New York City Board of Elections, the establishment known as the Queens County Republican Party, and a lower court ruling had thrown off the candidates citing an “innocent and inconsequential” technicality.

A portion of the Jewish contingent of the Republican Patriots

On Sunday, Joe Concannon, Republican Patriots leader and male State Committee candidate for the 33rd district, applauded the diverse group of assembled candidates: “Here are hardworking American citizens who have the wonderful right and privilege to vote here in America and Queens County, and we will fight for every one of them to have their day, whether it’s to run for State Committee, County Committee, City Council, or Mayor of NYC.”

Curtis Sliwa declared, “People should have an opportunity to run for office at the lowest levels to the highest levels. and there should not be all these impediments.”

Sliwa placed blame on the Haggerty brothers “and their minions” for denying Sara Tirschwell, a Republican mayoral candidate, and comptroller candidate John Tabacco, a ballot spot. In the case of Tabacco, Sliwa recounted that one small, misplaced number on a cover sheet was the reason 17,000 signatures and his candidacy were rejected.

Sliwa urged, “If you don’t have deep pockets, or you do, you’ve got to contribute to their legal defense fund, because they’ve had to dig deep into their personal resources to fight the good fight.” The upholding of these candidates’ rights has cost upwards of $20,000, according to insiders.

Sliwa continued, “I’m hoping that they and I are able to win this primary on June 22 and send a message to the Queens Republican County machine. But more importantly, it will open up the process for everyone else who wants to make a difference.”

Sliwa also shared a memory of his good friend former Congressman Bob Turner, who was removed from a Queens GOP chair amid a takeover, “I will never forgive, I will never forget, and I will use the power of the mayoralty to try to find out what kind of indiscretions have been going on, the same way I want Thrive investigated, de Blasio and his wife, we’re going to be investigating the Queens County Republican Party.”

In speaking with the various candidates on behalf of the Queens Jewish Link, I felt a strong passion resonate in each – a desire to be granted the opportunity to run in a primary.

Concannon saluted this premise, “They should be unimpeded by a bureaucracy that seems to be hell-bent to never support anybody other than the incumbent.” His words were echoed by those gathered, many proud Orthodox Jewish members of our communities.

“It is a great victory, but we must continue to fight and unite the Republican Party in Queens,” remarked Daniel Noble, a male State Committee candidate for the 27th District, on the win. “We need a united Republican Party to fight for our rights.”

“I believe that it is time for a big change here in Queens and in New York City politics. We, the Republican Patriots, have assembled an extraordinary group of Patriots who will work hard and with passion to take back our party, our government, and our schools,” said Phil Orenstein to the QJL, a male State Committee candidate for the 24th District. “People are yearning for a real American grassroots movement of people in Queens with core conservative values and that’s the Republican Patriots!”

The excitement in David Abraham, a male State Committee candidate for District 28, is quite palpable. Abraham has taken on this plight with full fervor. “We have to be taking on the Democrats, not challenging each other,” adding, “It’s time to replace.” Abraham’s statement came as he showed those assembled the court filing financed by taxpayer monies.

With military ballots and some absentee ballots already in the mail, the 18 candidates are now requesting new ones be issued. Queens Borough President candidate Danniel Maio wrote to the BOE, “Aggrieved-and-restored, my name should appear on all the Queens Republican Primary ballots starting today, May 13. We do reserve the right to challenge all mailed-in ballots that do not have our names printed.”